Your advisors

The advisors at JARK are financial experts with an extensive business experience. Founders Jobert van Kempen and Addy Ruitenbeek have both had a financial auditing education. Jobert van Kempen is in charge of managing daily operations. Addy Ruitenbeek, Harro Tillema and Jan Willem den Hartogh act as advisors.

J.E. (Jobert) van Kempen MSc

Audits Ernst & Young International experience Accountant in business Entrepreneur Finance Law Tax TakeoversInsolvency Procedures

Jobert in 1991 started his career at Ernst & Young in the Audit Practice, including studying Accountancy at Nyenrode Business University. In 2003 he graduated as Certified Public Auditor. After 12 years Ernst & Young, he transitioned to "Accountant in Business" at several functions gaining, among others, a lot of experience on commercial, financial, legal and tax issues. Acquisitions, management buy-outs, bankruptcies, business restructurings, (re)financings and IPOs are some of the many work aspects he has covered. In 2010 he founded JARK and built it to the current stage of International Claim Expert!


S. (Stacy) Traub

Developing partnerships
Cultivating Networks
Business Leadership Consulting Relationship Management

Stacy brings over 25 years of strong business acumen and experience working with and consulting for US and international companies including Fortune 500 & startups. She leverages her extensive expertise in business management, consulting and developing and cultivating strategic partnerships & networks to find shareholder beneficiaries and to support them in claims resolution. Most recently Stacy located and assisted Indigo shareholders register, claim and collect from the Hewlett Packard purchase.

H.P. (Harro) Tillema BBA

ICT Creating and streamlining business units and processes Business administration Finance Trademark law Intellectual property

Harro Tillema was involved for over 8 years in various business areas in IT. In 2001 he transitioned to the for-profit business world. He has, among other activities, gained experience in creating and streamlining business units and processes. He has, among other areas, experience in the areas of business administration, finance and law, specialized in trademarks and intellectual property issues.