Tracking debts of bankrupt businesses

 A claim against a bankrupt debtor? Many businesses consider that amount as lost and write it off. Too Bad, because, with time, it often still comes to a disbursement. To be eligible for this, as a creditor you must meet several terms and conditions. JARK will gladly take care of it.

The complete settlement of a bankruptcy may take years. If you want to ultimately be eligible for a disbursement, then that will involve the necessary effort. The claim must be properly registered, required documents must be in order. When there are multiple claims, you will need to track the status of several bankruptcies.

Often, the accounts receivable of businesses is not designed for these kind of time-consuming processes. JARK can offer businesses substantial peace of mind in this area. We keep a close eye on your claims and represent your interests. We work with a very low annual fee and a success fee. You know the cost in advance; afterwards, there will be at most a windfall.

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