Finding beneficiaries of (old) balances

There are many reasons why it is difficult to trace beneficiaries of balances, with respect to a bankruptcy, liquidation, inheritance, expropriation and debt restructuring.
The trustee, lawyer or civil law notary generally transfers the undistributed funds into a deposit account; after a certain period of time has lapsed, the amount usually reverts to the government.

JARK is committed to ensuring that balances get to the beneficiaries on time; individuals as well as businesses, in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. We constantly check what balances are available and trace the beneficiaries. Often they are pleasantly surprised. Thanks to JARK millions of euros have meanwhile gotten to the right beneficiaries.

JARK specializes in finding beneficiaries and also in claims resolution. Since that is a complicated and time-consuming procedure that requires a lot of diligence and care. We know, like no other, what documentation is needed to claim balances successfully. In this area we have a solid reputation. Moreover, we apply: no cure, no pay. You run no risk as beneficiary.