Card afbeelding

Did you invest in Dutch coffee?

It might have a very rich taste.


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Card afbeelding

Did you invest in AVG?

don’t forget to claim your compensation.


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Complicated matters get settled

Bankruptcies, business liquidations, property expropriations, inheritances and debt restructuring. They each require a proper settlement. Yet, it does not always work out that one can identify all beneficiaries. JARK knows how to handle that. We trace and track balances and we support trustees, lawyers and civil law notaries. Where others stop, JARK continues to dig.

As far as JARK is concerned, finding beneficiaries and settling transactions is a discipline in its own right. A beautiful discipline, but it does require reliability and know-how. JARK has a broad, international experience and can access a large, worldwide network of experts. Bursting with energy, we are committed to serve businesses as well as individuals.

Tracing beneficiaries, tracking bankrupt debtors or temporarily supporting financial policies? JARK is your partner. Do you want to know what JARK can do for you? Read more on this website about our work methods and services. Of course you can also contact us directly.

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